20th Slovak - Czech - Polish

Optical Conference On Wave and Quantum Aspects of Contemporary Optics


Hotel Grand****, Jasná

Demänovská Dolina 71
Liptovský Mikuláš 1
031 01
web: www.grandjasna.sk

Travel informations

Travelling to Liptovsky Mikulas

By train
Liptovsky Mikulas railway station is served by fast trains, regional express trains and personal trains operated by ZSSK, RegioJet or LEOexporess.
For destinations and timetables see the websites of SlovakRail: www.slovakrail.sk , RegioJet: www.regiojet.sk or LEOexpress: www.le.cz
Alternatively you can visit: cp.atlas.sk, which provides timetables for trains, buses and public transports in Slovakia. The language of the site can be changed to English/German in the lower-right corner.

By plane
Even though Liptovsky Mikulas has not its own airport.
You may consider to arrive at one of the neighbouring airports: Bratislava (300km), Vienna-Schwechat (350 km), Poprad-Tatry (50km).
From Bratislava airport you have to reach Bratislava Main Railway Station ("Bratislava Hlavna stanica"), from where you can take various fast trains to Liptovsky Mikulas. Public transport bus no. 61 provides direct connection between Bratislava airport and Bratislava Main Railway Station.
From Vienna airport you can take the bus to Bratislava (different lines operated by Blaguss, Slovak Lines or Regiojet). Their usual final destination in Bratislava is either Bratislava airport (from which you can take public transport bus no. 61 to the train station) or Bratislava Main Bus Station.
From Poprad airport you can take the Taxi to Poprad Railway Station, from where you can take various fast trains to Liptovsky Mikulas.

By bus
The bus station in Liptovsky Mikulas is located just outside the railway station. For various bus routes, please visit the following site (you can change the language to English/German in the lower-right corner):
This site provides various timetables for trains and buses in Slovakia.

By car
Main Slovak highway D1 (E75) connecting Bratislava and Kosice lies just outside of Liptovsky Mikulas, so if you travel from Bratislava (from south) or from Kosice (from west), just take the corresponding exit to Liptovsky Mikulas.

Travelling to Jasna Nizke Tatry

From Liptovsky Mikulas Main Railway and Main Bus station
Approximately every hour run Bus directly from Liptovsky Mikulas Bus Station (Platform 3) to Demenovska Dolina Jasna (The last Bus-Stop is outside the Grand Hotel Jasna).

By car
At the traffic roundabout, of the exit from Main Slovak highway D1 (E75) to Liptovsky Mikulas, jast take exit to Demenovska dolina Jasna (Route 584) and drive approximately 15 km along this route to Grant Hotel Jasna.