Progress in Applied Surface, Interface
   and Thin Film Science 2015

Progress in Applied Surface, Inteface and Thin Film Science
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Conference Topics:

Group I fundamental, basic research
1. Atomically clean surfaces
2. Interfaces
3. Ultra-thin and very-thin layers
4. Multilayers
5. Interaction of low temperature plasma and low energy beams with surfaces of organic and
    inorganic substrates
6. Interaction of liquids with surfaces of organic and inorganic substrates
7. Defects of surfaces, interfaces and thin films
8. Porous materials from view of surfaces and interfaces
9. Passivation of defect states
10. New approaches in experimental preparation and treatment of organic and inorganic surfaces,
    thin films, and interfaces
11. Advanced mathematical data processings applied during/or after measurements of physical and
    chemical properties of unique types of surfaces, thin films, and interfaces
12. New approaches in theoretical physics and chemistry of surfaces, thin films, and interfaces

Group II applied research
13. Surfaces, thin films and interfaces in solar cell structures
14. Progressive types of thin film solar cells
15. Surfaces, thin film and interfaces in LCD technologies
16. Role of surfaces, thin films, and interfaces in high-temperature superconductive structures
17. Progressive types of high-temperature superconductive thin film structures
18. Sensors based on unique properties of surfaces, thin films, and interfaces
19. New approaches in mathematical simulation and designing solar cells, LCDs, and sensors

Special cathegories
1. Exhibitions and presentations of companies
2. Environmental aspects of solar cell technologies