Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces
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Smolenice Castle

SSSI 2013 is the 8th continuation of the series of the Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces conferences taking place usually in Smolenice castle in western part of Slovakia.



- Physics and Chemistry of Following Inorganic and Organic Research Objects:

i) Atomically Clean Surfaces

ii) Thin Films

iii) Thin Regions in the Solid Bulk

iv) New Thin Structurally and Compositionally Inventive Compounds,

- Physics and Chemistry of Surface- and Interface-defect states,
- New Approaches at Formation and Investigation of Ultra-thin and Very-thin Film Structures

and Regions,

- Physics and Chemistry of

i) Textured Solid Surfaces and

ii) Solid Surfaces Prepared by Special Type of Physical and Chemical Treatments,

- Physics and Chemistry of Low Temperature Plasma Interaction and Low Energy Ion

Beams Interaction with Solid and Organic Compounds

- New Approaches in Theoretical Description of Interaction of Inorganic and Organic

Compounds with Solid State Substrate,

- Novel Superconducting Materials and Their Properties

- Role of Surfaces, Thin Regions and Corresponding Interfaces in High Temperature

Superconductors and HTC-based Devices,

- Advanced Contribution of Surfaces, Thin Films, Thin Regions and Corresponding Interfaces

at Formation of High-efficiency Solar Cells,

- Advanced Thin Region-based High Temperature Superconducting, Photovoltaic

and MIS-based Devices,

- New Inventive Approaches in Diagnostics of Physical and Chemical Properties of Surfaces,

Thin Films, Thin Regions, and Corresponding Interfaces.


Conference Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces SSSI 2013 is supported by the

· Science and Technology Assistance Agency (APVV) and
· Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic and
the Slovak Academy of Sciences (VEGA).




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